The legal address that is now 23746 Malibu Road has in years past been known as 21 Malibu Colony. Sometime in 1926 May Rindge relinquished to the outside world part of her private coastline. Many of the first allowed to lease and later buy these bits of beachfront seclusion came from the Hollywood entertainment industry.  21 Malibu Colony is one of the founding properties of the Malibu Movie Colony. It is one of the few remaining structures sitting on its original Malibu beach house footprint. Legends run free in Malibu, and for decades local legend has maintained that 21 Malibu Colony was originally leased and then owned by Constance Bennett. Another popular local legend has Mario Puzo writing “The Godfather” in the teahouse on this property. These and other legends have been encouraged by the magic that is 21 Malibu Colony.

Re-imagined by Howard and Angelica Flagg in 2001, this 4-bedroom 5-bathroom property honors its heritage and takes visitors back to an era where beauty, craftsmanship, privacy and grace were the most important things to the people who were originally drawn here to gather, relax and create. This property retains and embraces those qualities completely. Inside its understated simplicity 21 Malibu Colony completely embodies what Malibu beach life has always been about; serenity, space, respect for the environment and ultimate livability. From the beachfront deck, through the historic teahouse continuing onto the patio into the main house that leads to a generosity of open space and private guesthouse in the back, this property easily entertains. At the same time, everything on this property is scaled to a one on one life, you and the ocean.